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On Friday, March 1, marking International HPV Awareness Day, a media conference took place at Split School of Medicine, attended by assoc. prof. prim. Željka Karin Ph.D. MD, director of Split-Dalmatia County Teaching Institute for Public Health, prof. Katarina Vukojević Ph.D., School of Medicine’s Vice-dean for science, postgraduate studies and international cooperation, Milivoj Kalebić, director of Vocational Technical School in Split, Ana Gruica Uglešić, ambassador of Be mRAK parent campaign, Sara Bulić, local coordinator, and Elena Cahun, national coordinator of Be mRAK project.

For the past five years, International Association of Medical Students in Croatia, CroMSIC, has been implementing the public health and educational campaign Be mRAK. Goal of the campaign is education and prevention of HPV virus, the cause of as many as 6 types of cancer. As part of the campaign, medical students conduct educational and interactive workshops for primary and secondary school pupils throughout Croatia.

In the last two years, the campaign got an addition: Be mRAK parent, aimed at parents who decide whether their child should be vaccinated against cancer or not.
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