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Science Festival


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This year's Science Festival, whose interesting program included over 200 activities, took place April 24 to 29, 2023. This year's theme was Nature and Society, and the festival's goal was to introduce the public to science, inform them about activities and results achieved in fields of science and art, to improve public perception of scientists and motivate young people to pursue research and acquire new knowledge.

- This year we had a record number of activities that, apart from on Campus and University constituents, also took place in secondary schools, kindergartens, hospitals and numerous other institutions. This is an opportunity to popularize science, to bring it closer to citizens - vice-rector prof. Igor Jerković Ph.D. said.

 As always, all activities in the Science Festival were free for citizens.

- Young people are attracted to science because of new technologies and what we showed them attracted those from 7 to 77 years old. Visitors had the opportunity to see new equipment perform its function, including drones for flying, equipment for trenches and diving, as well as a seismic platform for study of construction - Vice-rector prof. Nikša Jajac Ph.D. said, stressing that we are proud of University of Split's property, which is social and makes sense if it is used for society's benefit.

- This Festival is active all year round, that is, we continue to promote science, there is Researchers' Night, we visit schools, organize workshops and lectures, and those interested in promoting science can always turn to us for help and cooperation - prof. Saša Mladenović Ph. D. pointed out.


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