Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
SEA-EU Governing Week in Split Photo Gallery
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Every six months a different partner university of the SEA-EU Alliance hosts a Governing week and this time it was the University of Split's turn to host this event packed with meetings of the highest governance level, formal and informal gatherings, excursions and cultural activities and cultural activities.

The Governing Week in Split officially began on Monday, November 27, 2023, with an informal evening gathering of the Technical Working Group members, while Tuesday was marked by three meetings - of the Technical Working Group, Quality and Ethics Committee, and the Stakeholders Group. The working part was rounded off with another evening gathering which was continued with more meetings and cultural activities throughout the week.
Wednesday was particularly intensive with 6 official meetings (Executive Committee, Students Council, Cities Council, Ports Council, meeting related to research and innovation activities and one more dedicated to promoting regional understanding about being SEA-EU). These meetings also served as the opportunity for a meeting of the representatives of SEA-EU cities, preceded by the visit to the Mayor's Ivica Puljak Cabinet and Prefect's Blaženko Boban Office.

The meeting was followed by a double exhibition at the Gallery of the University of Split where two displays took place at the same time. One was dedicated to the 50-year retrospective of Feđa Klarić work, one of the most famous Croatian photographers. The other, entitled A Sea of Diversity, displayed the 24 best works of the SEA-EU Photo competition. This was followed by a festive dinner and a rich musical programme at the Croatian National Theatre where guests had the opportunity to meet Croatian traditional singing called klapa through the performance of the ensemble Šufit, but also to enjoy hits of Golden Age of Hollywood in the performance of jazz duo Sara & Jappa. The great atmosphere at the theatre was crowned in the end with a music piece "Go to SEA-EU", performed by Polish rector Piotr Stepnowski (vocals and guitar) and Maciej Siwy (piano), Quality and Ethics Committee member. It was a token of thanks but also of friendship that has been created 4 years ago and has been strengthened ever since then.

Thursday was devoted to the Governing Board meeting, the highest-level event which was attended not only by Governing Board members, the vice-rector of World Maritime Univerisity, Odessa representatives, Advisory Board members and Blue Observatory members but also by all other guests, complying entirely with the motto of the new project phase - SEA-EU for All.
Friday was reserved for a trip to Sinj to the Museum of Alka where guests had the chance to learn about the chivalric tournament that has been listed on UNESCO's intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
In addition to traditional local cuisine that we tried to present in all occasions, this trip was one of our ways to say to dear guests: Thank you for honouring us with your presence. We look forward to new encounters and new collaborations on our SEA-EU journey!
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