Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja


  • Cilj 11
The exhibition "Split at light" opened on Thursday, February 15 at the University Gallery.

The opening, which lasted more than half an hour, was a real "stand up" show in front of a satisfied audience. The show was full of stories from the artist's life, jokes and incidents, all wrapped in the superb humor of Jakša Matošić.

The exhibition was created in collaboration with ARtHESIS, art organization for contemporary music and visual arts, and brought together five artists from Split with different artistic thinking, solutions, orientations and aesthetics: Karin Grenc, Marinko Jelača, Jakša Matošić, Velebit Restović, Jadranka Štrbić Krstičević.

In the artistic sense, ARTHESIS promotes art that is not so politically engaged, but rests on similar aesthetic principles to music, which put emphasis on composition, color, spirituality, and painters who use traditional media, such as painting or sculpture, to communicate their inner world as a reflection of the outer world, and find different ways of communicating with their audience, apart from engaged and critical art that prevails in recent decades.
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