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An exhibition was opened at the University Gallery which hosted artists Alma Čače, Karin Grenc and Tea Morić Šitum on the topic of intuition. Official opening in front of a large audience took place on Friday, January 12. The exhibition "Intuition" was presented by curator Vanda Franičević and Gallery’s manager, Helena Trze Jakelić.
The exhibition was created as a meeting of three artists in the year 2023, on intuition. Their works are conceptual art, characterized by abstraction, and the exhibition also includes objects in space.
Alma Čače revealed that she and her colleagues, Grenc and Morić Šitum, are also friends, who attend art colonies together, spend time together, and that this is their first exhibition together.
- It came naturally to us to cover this topic. We all researched our fields and thought about presenting ourselves to the audience together, so why we decided on this topic; the feminine principle of descending and self-exploring - Alma Čače said, who, in addition to works done in lava shower on paper, also exhibited two glowing objects - paintings, consisting of several layers that can be combined in several ways.
Karin Grenc exhibited about 20 works, mainly, according to her own words, relief and ready-made objects, because in them she uses everyday life objects, breathing new life into them, that is, putting them in a new context. For example, the cash register in which the author's grandfather, blacksmith by profession, kept his keys, and now there is a heart painted on it, representing something completely different.
- Three of us created on the same theme, intuition that is... Intuition was always feminine, maybe it is more pronounced in women, maybe it has to do with motherhood...- Karin Grenc shared her thoughts on the exhibition’s theme.
Tea Morić Šitum presented about 10 works of large and small formats, which are a synthesis, or reduction of the motif of flowers in a vase, reduced to a simple form.
- Each of us stayed true to her own style, we did not want to get closer artistically. But, on a theoretical, philosophical and aesthetic level, above all spiritual, we found many points of contact, even though not all forms do not look the same in all of us - Tea Morić Šitum said about the exhibition’s concept.
Photo: University Gallery and Radio Campus
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