Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Two-day international scientific conference as part of implementing STIM-REI project


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The international scientific conference, organized as part of implementing the STIM-REI project, focused on an important cooperation between University of Split and Humboldt University from Berlin, or the cooperation between the Cluster of Excellence "Matters of Activity" (MoA) and STIM Scientific Centre of Excellence, took place in the Mediterranean Institute for Life Research (MedILS).

Prof. Vlasta Bonačić-Koutecky Ph.D., head of STIM-REI and STIM Centre of Excellence greeted conference's distinguished participants and University of Split's Rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. expressed his satisfaction with formalizing cooperation between our and Humboldt University.

We are trying to follow your vision and idea of ​​what university is and should be in Split, especially when it comes to interdisciplinary cooperation in different scientific fields. We are lucky to live in Split, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage where different cultures and peoples have always mixed - Rector Ljutić said.

Academic Miroslav Radman, MedILS' founder and acting director, also greeted the participants.

When we ambitiously launched MedILS, we were guided by the idea that in a time of rapid technological development, we would find time and place for reflection, summed up in the phrase "what before how" instead of the other way around – he pointed out.

At the conference, in several lectures, guests and associates from Humboldt presented their research and opportunities for cooperation, while scientists from STIM presented successful results of scientific research work on the STIM-REI project and in the Centre.

On the conference's second day, July 11, University of Split and the Humboldt University of Berlin signed cooperation agreement.

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