Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
University Department of Professional Studies’ female students made a great impression at the 5th conference on money, entrepreneurship and investing


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- University of Split's Department for Professional Studies contacted us with tickets for 10 female students. They actively listened, participated, asked questions, presented themselves well, and we loved them. Dalmatia, new generation of women is already here – was how well-known Croatian entrepreneur, Kristina Ercegović, organizer of the 5th Conference on Money, Entrepreneurship and Investing, which took place March 31, at the Briig boutique hotel in Split, started her post on Linkedin.

Ten female students, members of SPIK@, Student Entrepreneurship Incubator, at the Department, got the opportunity to participate, listen and absorb current topics in Croatian entrepreneurship, from advices on how to brand oneself, on presenting your business model, retaining top employees and successfully running your company and, finally, becoming and remaining your own boss. In the end, the students, presenting themselves and their Department in the best light, boldly asked for advice on entering the world of unlimited business challenges and opportunities before them. They probably could not have hoped for what followed. Delighted by their candour and honesty, all panellists and lecturers, successful entrepreneurs and experts in their field, offered their help, advice and encouragement.

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