Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Well-known faces attended the opening of two exhibitions in University Library’s atrium


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A big message was sent from University of Split; a hardworking man, regardless of problems he is dealing with, can reach the stars. Prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split's Rector, said as much opening the exhibitions on March 7, 2023 in the University Library's atrium.

These are two exhibitions "Silence in even-metre penalty shots" and "Franjo Bučar (25 November 1866 – 26 December 1946)" that University of Split organized in cooperation with Croatian Sports Museum and Croatian Sports Association of the Deaf.

The author Martina Vargek, curator at Croatian Sports Museum, presented the exhibitions, explaining that she joined them because the Croatian deaf handball team won the State Sports Award Franjo Bučar in 2001, so she thought they could travel across Croatia together.

This is our first appearance in Split, which is convenient because with this exhibition we will see Split's handball players off to the third World Deaf Handball Championship, taking place in Copenhagen this year in July – she concluded.

Marijo Lušić from the Croatian Sports Association of the Deaf thanked the University and everyone who helped organize the exhibitions, saying:

- This is a big plus for deaf sports, so that the public known that we exist, because for us sport is happiness and joy. In the city of Split and its surroundings, there are many children with hearing impairment, whose parents feel ashamed. I ask you all to appeal to those parents to contact the Croatian Sports Association of the Deaf, because the state supported work with deaf children and professionals who will work with them.

The exhibitions were then opened by prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D., University of Split's Rector:

- I don't really like the word 'invalid or disabled' even though it is commonly used. A hardworking man, regardless of problems he is dealing with, can reach stars, and our famous handball player Petar Metličić knows well that it takes hard work.

Petar Metličić, the legendary captain of our gold handball team, who won many medals with the national team, and also received the "Franjo Bučar" State Sports Award, came to see the exhibition and support deaf persons:

- I am glad that I came to support them, because I know how much this means to them. I think this is a great gesture for them, to make them feel that they matter. All my life it annoyed me that my parents were seen as disabled, just because they can't hear.

Exhibitions were also supported by University of Split's vice-rectors, prof. Zoran Đogaš Ph.D., prof. Nikša Jajac Ph.D., prof. Nikola Koceić-Bilan Ph.D. and prof. Boris Maleš Ph.D. Helena Trze Jakelić moderated the program and participated in organizing and setting up the exhibitions on behalf of the University Gallery.

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