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In the winter semester 2023/24, University of Split will be holding the course "Digital, Green and Entrepreneurial Skills Improvement Program", as part of University Green Digital HUB project, together with partners from Spain, Germany and the Netherlands.

The program is aimed at developing students' digital, green and entrepreneurial skills, consisting of 5 modules related to this topic.

The course will have a hybrid form (e-learning and accompanying live workshops) and successful participants can earn 5 ECTS points, recognized according to the Rulebook on recognizing extracurricular activities at University of Split. All University of Split's students can enroll it. Completing the program, students will receive Europass digital certificate.

Interested students can apply via this link:

Modules are designed so that they include a maximum of 2 hours of contact (online) classes or lectures, while the rest refers to participants' individual work (reading, videos, quizzes, assignments, etc.). Module 4 is an exception, consisting of four (online) sessions. Total workload is equivalent to 5 ECTS.

More information about the project University Green Digital HUB:

Contact for information:

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