Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
Apart from the fact that Split has a strong University, there are other reasons why you should come to study in this colorful, Mediterranean city.

Starting from the beginning:

Split - more than a city!
Split is always just a little bit more passionate than other places! It cannot be rationally explained. But there is something that inspires euphoria when you descend from Klis by car towards Split, or by plane to Split’s airport. The wave of emotions that wash over you as you rush towards the city center and the feeling that you have just found your peace in the vortex of strong energy.

Even more than the city!
Split is not just a "city". Split is a meeting place of millennial culture and modern future. Studying here means being part of something bigger. That is something you cannot experience just anywhere. Stones that make up the palace has been keeping secrets for almost two thousand years. Do not worry, they will keep your secrets too...

MMMMMM, and the food!
We all like fried food and baked treats from time to time, but... nothing beats fresh grilled sardines, with a drop of island olive oil, a grain of salt and some crusty bread! It's not just food, it's a life philosophy. The moment when you realize that you live in the Mediterranean and you really need just a little on top of that to be happy... (at least for a while 😊).

While you learn, you live in Split!
Being a student in Split is much more than studying. Here you will really live your student days! Sea, sun, friends, fun, music, sports, love... - it is all part of the package and school that prepares you for "adult life".

Student dormitory with a sea view!
The waves put you to sleep and wake you up! Where does this happen? All you have to do is enroll a study program at University of Split, apply for housing and, with a little luck; you will awake to the sight of blue sea and sailboats in the port.

In winter, the city is all yours!
The temperature is still great. Some people like it more than summer. There are no crowds. Nobody is nervous. On Christmas and New Year's morning, we lounge on sunny Split’s Riva. Smell of fritters (traditional small doughnuts). Life is Beautiful.

In the summer, the city is again a cosmopolitan beehive!
35°C in the shade! The sea is turquoise, as it can only be in the Mediterranean. Stone streets are bursting at the seams. Odors of food. So many people arrive to the city. Planes land and take off. Ferries enter and leave the port. Laughter and music everywhere. We cannot think of anything else because we have to host all those tourists.

Sports, sports, sports...
Split is the city with most Olympic medals by population in the world! Just say what sport you want to play and we have it! Well… we do not offer skiing just yet (even though we take sky trips in the winter). When the city turns white, it is not covered by snow, but Hajduk (our soccer team) plays a match and everyone is at the stadium.

Fashion, fashion, fashion...
On warm winter mornings, especially on weekends, there is nothing better than sitting in a bar on Riva, ordering large coffee with cold milk and watching people walk around in outfits still new to Milan. People from Split love fashion, especially its latest trends. That is why, if you decide to come here, don't hesitate to bring all your outfits. Fashion runway awaits you!

Split is also music (lots of music), culture and history, a place of hard-working, innovative people and much more...

Let us also mention the University. University of Split is not just a "school", but an environment that builds you into a person who always lands on their feet!
The university places a strong emphasis on creating knowledge! It improves it and shares it, all with the aim of, tomorrow, you taking lead in your profession and society, unafraid of showing initiative and confidence in yourself!
There is also one more fact. For University of Split, you are not just a number, but a complete social being, and that is why University strives to provide you with cultural, humanitarian, sports and spiritual development, as well as international experiences in numerous student associations and events.
Do come! UNIST is IN!

Imate pitanje? Tu smo!