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Surgeon in London's Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital and renowned rower, Jan Herzog, gave a lecture to Split’s students


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For the third year in a row, the program of the International Regatta St. Duje was enriched by the educational meetup "Lessons from the boat", in which former rowers and Olympians, today successful experts in their business fields, share knowledge and experiences with students in Split on the hot topic of dual careers.

On May 12, Spinit Incubator was the centre of gathering of students, athletes, alumni community, entrepreneurs and medical professionals, at a meeting with the theme Medicine and sports. Prominent lecturer was Jan Herzog, former German rowing representative, Olympian and World Championship bronze medallist, today working as a surgeon at the Royal National Orthopaedic Hospital, as well as hospitals Spire Bushey and St. John & St. Elizabeth's.

He shared with the audience his secrets of success in both areas, sports and business, including advice on how studying can contribute to excellence in sports, on how to balance the physical fatigue that comes with playing sports and intellectual effort of studying, and how to stay focused and manage one's obligations and free time optimally. The goal is to encourage students to think about future careers, help them develop skills and specific expertise, as well as support parallel careers in sports.

Idea behind the Meetup

In St. Duje International Regatta's 20-years, numerous generations of top European rowers participated, and some of them continued to attend even after their sports careers. As one of the main goals of the St. Duje Regatta is connecting rowers with society, we came up with the idea to make the regatta a platform connecting amateur sports (rowing in particular), professional careers and the business world. The MeetUp "Sport shaping careers", entitled "Lessons from the boat", was born from that idea.

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