Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
The Croatian Adriatic is the world's best sea for nautical tourism


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The sea belongs to the one who enjoys it

At the University of Split, organized by the Universitas Academic Sailing Club and the Maritime Faculty, a panel was held where the main focus was on the promotion of recreational sailing as the foundation of the yachting industry, Croatia as the world's first charter destination, but also the overall return of our motherland to the sea.

There was no shortage of sound names on the panel; prof. Ph.D. Pero Vidan - Dean of the Maritime Faculty of the University of Split, Ivan Kljaković-Gašpić, Croatian sailing Olympian, Domagoj Milišić, director of charter company Croatia Yachting, Marko Rogošić, head of sales at Euromarine charter, Filip Miroić, student, and the entire panel was organized by and moderated by Assoc. Ph.D. Luka Pezelj from the Maritime Faculty of the University of Split.

The event was opened by prof. Ph.D. Zoran Đogaš, vice-rector for international cooperation and cooperation with the local community, who emphasized the importance of maritime culture for the University, as well as full membership in the alliance of the European University of the Seas, i.e. the University of Split's access to almost all European seas.

Croatian maritime schools and faculties follow world trends in maritime affairs and there is no doubt that the Croatian seafarer is the gold standard of world maritime affairs, stressed Prof. Ph.D. Pero Vidan - Dean of the Maritime Faculty of the University of Split. But as one can always do better, faculties and universities are systematically adapting to the market and needs in practice. All these adjustments are regularly controlled by the university's control system, and periodically by the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

Representatives of the charter industry, Domagoj Milišić and Marko Rogošić, referred to the impressive numbers of charters in Croatia, the needs of that industry and, on the other hand, students as an ideal workforce with whom better communication channels should be built, in order for them to find their place in this rapidly growing labor market. .

Ivan Kljaković-Gašpić emphasized the importance of recreational sailing, but also the development of new, extremely promising economic branches:

- The entire Croatian nautical and charter industry rests on sailors who became directors and leading people in various nautical companies after an active sailing career. But the market took all the available anger resources and squeezed them. There are no new people on the horizon.

If we look at superyachting as a category and segment of the highest level of luxury that the globe recognizes as such, the average price of a night in a superyacht is 47,000 euros. When you put that into the parameters of something we're commenting on today, we see huge potential, not just for the nautical industry, but for the entire range from manufacturing, engineering, capital markets globally. It is the state's turn to declare that branch strategic.

Filip Miroić also invited students to join the Universitas Academic Sailing Club and start sailing because it is the best and most fun way to get to know the sea, but also to open the door to a career in yachting.

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