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GEORGE MATELJAN – Pioneer of healthy eating


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Meeting of former students and friends of the Faculty of Chemical Technology in Split took place April 5, 2023 in the Faculty's amphitheatre with a screening of the documentary film: "GEORGE MATELJAN – Pioneer of healthy eating".

Tonći Jukić, editor at Radio Sunce, opened the screening. After it finished, short comments were provided by prof. Irena Drmić Hofman Ph.D., reviewer, alpinist and travel writer Stipe Božić, director, screenwriter and cameraman, and director of the George Mateljan Centre of Excellence in Split, Željko Petrović, executive producer.

Documentary film about life and work of Mr. GEORGE MATELJAN, one of pioneers of healthy foods and a world-renowned author, was filmed in Split, Osijek, Zagreb and the USA (Washington, San Francisco, Hawaii, Los Angeles, New York), during the study trip "Nutrition and Health", organized as a thank you to experts and scientists who contributed to the Croatian publication of the book World's Healthiest Foods. Goal of the trip was to visit and learn about the work of non-profit George Mateljan Foundation for World's Healthiest Foods and latest independent scientific research on nutrition's impact on health.

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