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SEA-EU Staff Week


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  • Cilj 17
From April 16 to 18, 2024, SEA-EU staff week entitled Mental resilience in the academic environment took place on the premises of Spinit Incubator.

Today's challenges are above all challenges for mental health, which is becoming an increasingly important topic, and awareness about it is growing day by day. Through a series of lectures and workshops, SEA-EU offered possible answers to most common questions, also opening the way to further cooperation and elaborating certain topics.

Prof. Zoran Đogaš Ph.D., Vice-rector for international, inter-university and cooperation with the local community, opened the event, while Antonia Peroš, M.Sc. psych. moderated the program. After introductions, prof. Zoran Đogaš Ph.D. gave a lecture on the importance of sleep for mental health, during which (awake) participants could assess the quality of their sleep. An interesting workshop entitled Reconciliation of work and personal time - well-being at work was given by assoc. prof. Darko Hren Ph.D.  from Faculty of Humanities. Antonia Peroš led us through relaxation techniques, and another introspective workshop, on Mental Resilience in the academic environment, was held by prof. Varja Đogaš from School of Medicine. The final day was marked by the lecture of Tanja Dragun Dr. med, Self-care through the adoption of healthy habits, who pointed out the importance of self-care, through adopting healthy habits and taking small steps.

Staff week concluded with a group discussion on the application of techniques for maintaining mental health and the need to provide stronger support from employers, as a standard, when it comes to the mental well-being of all members of the academic community.
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