Sveučilište u Splitu podržava UN-ove ciljeve održivog razvoja
University of Split’s first furrow in the study of Mediterranean agriculture


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University of Split’s first furrow was plowed on the land in Donje Glavice, in the year University of Split celebrates its 50th anniversary! University of Split’s rector, prof. Dragan Ljutić Ph.D. and Mayor of Sinj, Miro Bulj, signed a contract on February 21 at Alkarski dvori in Sinj, whereby the City of Sinj grants land in concession for the needs of Mediterranean agriculture, to be used for training and food production.

- This partnership is the result of understanding and support from Viteško Alkarsko Društvo (VAD) and City of Sinj. Cooperation is also manifested in donating land, for the purpose of cultivating oats and other crops, for the use of VAD’s stable. We also discussed graduate studies, and the possibility of continuing education at University of Split offers young people extraordinary perspectives. The city of Sinj, with an area resembling a metropolitan area around Split, is becoming a destination just as attractive as Split - Rector Ljutić said.

Mayor Bulj said that the City of Sinj gave significant support to University of Split, resulting in great benefits for the entire region, including Dalmatian Zagora, Dalmatia and Croatia.
- This project has a double significance, both for agriculture, people remaining here and this area’s demographic recovery. Sinj was transformed into a university town and agricultural centre, providing support for young students to acquire education and skills at a high university level - Mayor Bulj concluded, pointing out that agriculture is a key component to this project, as it represents the basis of self-sufficiency, a matter of national security and is critical in young people staying in this area.

Today, the land is plowed, wheat sowing is next, and we have prof. Vlado Guberac Ph.D., University of Osijek rector, that is, Agricultural Institute in Osijek, with which the study of Mediterranean agriculture has been cooperating, to thank for donating seeds. Cooperation is expected to expand soon, as the joint study "Sustainable development of Mediterranean cultures" between universities of Split and Osijek, as well as Dubrovnik, is being prepared.

Students were particularly enthusiastic about presented opportunities for practical teaching, and in this sense they also visited the institution for research and dissemination of knowledge in the field of nutrition and health (CEKOM 3LJ), in Čaporice Business Zone of Trilj. Cetinska region is an ideal area where young people can acquire knowledge based on technologies of the future, and the most modern equipment and laboratories at CEKOM Trilj will enable our Mediterranean agriculture students to have practical classes at the highest level.
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