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With the signing of the contract between HGK - Split County Chamber, University of Split’s Department for Professional Studies and entrepreneurs participating in the PlanStart 2024 project, on March 18, realization of this year's PlanStart officially began.

- This is the eighth time this project, which proved to be very useful for both our entrepreneurs and students, is being implemented. The project represents win-win for both entrepreneurs and students, because it allows entrepreneurs to obtain a business plan for free, and provides students an exceptional opportunity to try their hand at the real sector and apply what they have learned in practice, said the president of HGK - Split County Chamber, Joze Tomaš.

Head of University Department for Professional Studies, Petar Pepur Ph.D., also expressed satisfaction with the project and long-term successful cooperation.

- Thanks to HGK, I can point out that based on sustainable development goals as part of partnership for the goals, we made a significant step forward, which is to give students opportunity to prove themselves in the real sector, to confirm their theoretical knowledge creating business plans for small entrepreneurs. Several hundred students have gone through the project so far and feedback is extremely positive, Pepur said.

In this year's project will participate representatives of eight county business entities from various sectors, real estate business, employing foreign labor, fishing, selling and servicing refrigeration equipment, to cultural and educational policies, agriculture and food technology.
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