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In order to promote inclusivity and equality, it is crucial to understand needs and challenges faced by people with disabilities. Accordingly, the Liberato Association in cooperation with the Split County Association of the Blind, organized an inspiring lecture entitled "How to approach people with disabilities", held on Monday, March 18, at University Department for Professional Studies.

This lecture represents only one activity of the LiberatoMap project, a multi-year initiative aimed at encouraging inclusivity and accessibility in society. From 2023, this project is also co-financed by Ministry of Tourism and Sports, which clearly indicates that such activities are being recognized as important in the wider community.

The lecture "How to approach people with disabilities" focused on understanding specific needs of people with disabilities and adapting communication strategies, environments and approaches to ensure their full inclusion.

The lecture was moderated by president of the Split County Association of the Blind, Ivan Tokić, together with Ivana Mitar, while members of Liberato Association, Stipo Margić and Andrea Penić, presented the project.
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