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Valter Hugo Mãe at Split Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Photo Gallery
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In the crowded Faculty of Humanities’ ground floor, on March 22, 2024, a literary meeting with distinguished Portuguese writer, Valter Hugo Mãe, took place. This is an award-winning Portuguese author, who received the prestigious "José Saramago" award in 2007, presented to him by Saramago himself, who called his writing a real "literary tsunami".

The event was organized in cooperation with Split Faculty of Humanities Doctoral Study and the City Youth Theatre, ahead of premiere of the play Workers’ Apocalypse.

Panelists in the literary meeting were: Paula Leal da Silva, H. E. Ambassador of Portugal in Zagreb; Ivo Perkušić, director of the City Youth Theater and assist. prof. Nina Lanović Ph.D., Head of Portuguese Language and Literature, Faculty of Humanities, University of Zagreb. The panel was moderated by assoc. prof. Antonela Marić Ph.D., Head of Doctoral Studies at Split Faculty of Humanities. Actresses Mia Vladović and Ana Gruica Uglešić gave additional charm to the event, reading excerpts from the novel Workers’ Apocalypse.

Dean prof. Ina Reić Ercegovac Ph.D. opened the meeting and extended a warm welcome to the ambassador, the distinguished writer and the entire ensemble of City Youth Theater that supported this event, after which Paula Leal da Silva, Portuguese ambassador in Zagreb, briefly presented Portugal, the country’s history and specifics. Valter Hugo Mãe recounted how flattered he was when he heard that Ivo Perkušić, director of City Youth Theatre, wanted to stage his play because it was its world premiere.
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