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On Monday, September 25, at Zlatna vrata cinema, Falling Walls Lab Split contestants presented their ideas, in three-minute presentations, competing to go to the finals in Berlin.

Topics and contestants:

• Breaking the wall of inefficient scheduling - Krešimir Dželalija

• Breaking the wall of gappy ocean color data - Leon Čatipović

• Breaking the wall of food waste - Martina Čagalj

• Breaking the wall of antibiotic resistance - Mia Dželalija

• Breaking the wall of extreme sea level events - Krešimir Ruić

• Breaking the wall of political polarization - Ana Banovac

• Breaking the wall of bathing water pollution - Nikolina Baumgartner

• Breaking the wall of sleepless brain in a tech-driven world - Linda Lusic Kalcina

• Breaking the wall of discord through education - Maja Rončević

• Breaking the wall of prediabetes progression - Tanja Dragun

As a reminder, Falling Walls is an international conference aimed at recognizing new discoveries. Using the metaphor of the Berlin Wall, Falling Walls Lab offers emerging researchers a place to present their innovative ideas, research projects and social initiatives.

Winner of this competition will travel to Berlin for the finals, which will take place November 7 to 9.

We invite you all to be part of this science spectacle!

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